Family of Brands

The Tuxedo Club provides classic and designer tuxedo rentals for your formal events. We have a very convenient tux rental service with unbelievable affordable prices.  The Tuxedo Club can accommodate for any occasion.  We are a one stop shop for grooms, best men, groomsmen, prom dates and anyone with a black tie event. One of our specialties is being skilled at coordinating style, color, and budget for any special occasion. 



Logo for TuxKit, the Fast & Easy Online Tuxedo Rental Service. Logo features the words 'TUXKIT' where the 'X' is shaped like a bowtie.

TuxKit is our next-generation online tuxedo rental service, launched in May 2023, TuxKit delivers the fastest and easiest rental experience ever while offering customers premium quality tuxes and suits. All tuxes include free shipping and are delivered 2 weeks before your event. Your fit is guaranteed, and you only need your regular clothing sizes to get a perfect fit!



National Tuxedo Rentals

National Tuxedo Rentals is an online tuxedo rental service. Our focus is making it as easy as possible for people to rent a tuxedo; online, or otherwise.


Bell Tuxedo Wholesale is a business-to-business company; we do not sell directly to consumers. If you are a consumer looking to rent or purchase a tuxedo, please visit one of our Authorized Tuxedo Dealers.




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