The Tuxedo Guide

The Tuxedo Guide | Tuxedo Try On Tips | How To

Welcome to the The Tuxedo Club Tuxedo Guide, this page will walk you through the basics (and not-so-basics) of tuxedos and formal wear in general. Read through as little or as much as you like.

Tips/Instructions for Trying On Your Tuxedo

Step 1: The Shirt

Put on your shirt as if you were trying on any dress shirt. Instead of buttoning up standard buttons attached to the shirt, we're going to fasten it using shirt studs and cufflinks. Studs will be used for the top 4 buttons of your shirt, below the collar (do not use a stud for the collar). Fasten the front with the studs, similar to how you would button a shirt, and then do your sleeve cuffs using the cufflinks.

Step 2: Pants & Shoes

Now, put on your tuxedo pants while tucking in your shirt to the pants. Once your shirt is tucked, zip up your zipper, and fasten the waist. Use the adjustable waist band/clasp fasteners to extend or reduce the waist until the fit is snug yet comfortable. Once this is done, put on your shoes so that you are wearing your pants at full-height.

Step 3: Neckwear & Accessories

Put on your neckwear and vest or cummerbund. All of these accessories come with adjustable bands or mechanisms, please use them until the fit is snug and comfortable.

Step 4: The Coat

The last step is the easiest - slip the coat on and fasten it closed using the front button. If your tux has more than one button, leave the lowest button un-buttoned. This is important as, multi-button tuxes are intended to be worn this way and the fit is only true when worn as such.


The Story Behind The Tuxedo...

What is the story behind the "tuxedo"?  Popular belief credits a wealthy tobacco magnate of the 19th century known as Pierre Lorillard IV with the tradition.

Pierre and his family lived outside NYC in a residential district called Tuxedo Park.  The Lorillards circulated among the highest social circles and were instrumental in establishing Tuxedo Park as an elite destination for the world's rich and famous.  Interestingly, the residents and regular guests of Tuxedo Park soon established their own social organization called “The Tuxedo Club”.

In a radical departure from traditional fashion Pierre Lorillard commissioned a modified “tailless" black jacket to wear to the Tuxedo Club’s first annual ball.  Interestingly, Pierre Lorillard did not wear his new jacket to the ball but his son along with some of his friends decided to take the risk.  The short jacket was instantly admired as a striking fashion statement and was quickly copied. The "tuxedo," so dubbed after the town of its debut, went on to become a timeless classic.

Today the tuxedo remains the quintessential attire for special occasions. Most credit Pierre Lorillard's fashion deviation for the enduring standard of elegant fashion we have come to know as the Tuxedo. 


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