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The tuxedo club carries a wide variety of formal wear products for rental and purchase. You can browse a sampling of our products online, however please stop by our formal wear showroom to see our full line of products and in-store exclusives!

Tuxedo Coats / Jackets & Suits

cardi-aspen-navy-suit-jacketWe offer over 100 tuxedo jacket styles in several colors. If you cannot find something you like online, we most certainly have it in our store! Stop by to see our in-store exclusives, which includes (but are not limited to) high-end designer fashion formal wear!

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Formal Pants

flat_frontThe Tuxedo Club in Palmyra, NJ offers several matching tuxedo pant options for our coat and jacket selection. For those who wish to make a stylistic deviation from the standard matching pants, we offer a wide variety of color options to contrast or compliment your jacket and accessory choices.

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Tuxedo Shirts

SLIMFIT Laydown Flat-Front Tuxedo ShirtWhether you’re looking for a wing tip, lay-down, or another collar variety in your tuxedo shirt, we’ve got you covered. We have many color options online, however we have several others which are in-store exclusives, not yet listed on our online catalog. So take our online shirt selection as merely a preview of our in-store shirt stock!

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Tuxedo Vests

Navy Aspen/Fitzgerald Super 150's VestWhether you’re looking for the perfect color to suit your preference, or you’re trying to match an existing color, our tuxedo vest selection will certainly rise to the occasion! We have thousands of color and print options available online, as well as many other collections which are in-store exclusive items.

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Formal Cummerbunds

solid-satin-turquoise-cummerbund[1]Our cummerbunds come in nearly as many color and print options as our vest selection. Much of our cummerbunds are currently in-store exclusives and not available for viewing online at this time.

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Neckwear – Bow Ties, Long Ties, Skinny Ties and More

skinny-tie-pre-tied-tapestry-scarletWe have over 1,400 neckwear options in our online catalog, and even more available in-store.

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Formal Shoes

Oxford - Gloss Black and White Tuxedo ShoeOur online catalog features only our rental shoe stock. However, we have several retail shoes available as in store exclusive products, stop by our Palmyra, NJ showroom to try on some of our favorite designer men’s shoes!

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Formal Jewelry – Studs, Cufflinks and More

White on Silver Metal Studs and Cufflinks SetWe only show our basic formal jewelry online. However, we have all sorts of novelty and high-end formal jewelry options available in-store!

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